How To Use Wheelchair Safely ?



A wheelchair is a very useful and safe device which can be used in the event of a person having trouble walking. While using a wheelchair we should remember that it is a device and it must be used carefully. There are certain things which one has to keep in mind while using a wheelchair and these tips can really avoid any minor accidents. Wheelchair something developed to help a person but if safety measures are not taken its use can be dangerous. Here below are few tips which will help you understand how to use wheelchair safely.


1# Follow instructions from the manufacturer

In order to make sure that your wheelchair is being used safely it is necessary to read and follow the instructions given by the manufacturers themselves and reviewers. Their instructions will show you how to set up your wheelchair, how to move it around and also what things to avoid. It will have all the instructions you will need like how to navigate your wheelchair and these instructions will allow using it with the best control.


2# Center of gravity

When you are using a wheelchair you might just be using it to move around mainly but there are many tasks which require the wheelchair user to bend or lean. When you are doing such tasks it is important to be fully aware of your center of gravity. So you should be using casters to keep the gravity and stable and also to maintain your balance.


3# Moving in and out of your wheelchair

When you are sitting in your wheelchair it is important that you should take measures for that too and same goes for moving out of the chair. The person using the wheelchair might have different limitations according to their health condition so it is best to consult a physical therapist who then can guide you properly to move in and out of your wheelchair.


4# Using Transportation

While you are using a transport in a wheelchair you have to be very careful. Most of the transports have their own specific area for wheelchair users and also the wheelchair users are given priority over other citizens. So it is good for your own safety to only use the areas of transport which are especially for wheelchair users and follow their instructions as well.


5# Know your capabilities

When you are using a wheelchair always make sure that you are using it within your capabilities. When you are using a wheelchair there will be times when you will need to move on slopes or ramps and when you are doing that make sure that it is within your capability, do not navigate on a slope where you could lose control of the wheelchair. These things depend on the strength of the individual using the wheelchair if your physical condition does not allow you to move the chair on a slope or ramps then best avoid it.


Using wheelchair might seem very easy but it is still an instrument and using it with safety measures is very important. So, in order to make sure that you are using it safely follow the above tips. You can also find wheelchairs reviewedon the internet to pick the best one.