How to win IPL Fantasy League with these Fantasy Crickets Tips and Tricks?

IPL Fantasy League

IPL is just around the corner and with it the high expectations of the different teams as well. It is the time when you support your favourite team or bare the loss of a crucial team player who is now playing for your rival team. The excitement and adrenaline rush are certainly unmatched. While this is true, the IPL Fantasy League is your true chance to play and win based on your knowledge of the game of crickets and its present players.

Bit whether it is real-time cricket or a fantasy one, winning is never easy. It involves proper field placement while sometimes even the toss matters. However, in fantasy cricket selecting the matches and picking out your team also matters. Apart from this, what are the other fantasy cricket tipsyou could bank on winning a cash prize?

The Fantasy IPL’s Power Player

Every fantasy cricket player must choose a power player. While most often the strongest contender is chosen. However, the trick lies in making the wicketkeeper the power player. While this avoids negative points, you may score for the catches they take. Moreover, most often, while they may be scoring batsmen, on average they are known to guard their wickets while batting.

Typically, for a group phase, which has 56 matches allowing you only 80 substitutions. So, how do you make use of this? Substitute only one or two players per match. Use only two for the first 10 matches and thus, you can choose the remaining options while ensuring to nominate the best performer

Another tip involving choosing wicket-keeper is that some of them are very hard hitters with a strike rate of more than 115. This is essential to win points.

If you are an ardent follower of the sport you will certainly understand and gauge which player is your performer and who is out of form. Thus, a little bit of tricks and your intuition together will help you race up the scoreboard.

Hindrance with the budget to play

Unfortunately, as easy as this all may sound, the major constraint is the budget in the fantasy cricket league. The big performers are often pricy. Thus, you cannot invest more to have all the star players on your team. You can compromise on the price by choosing a few underdogs who are easy to own on your team but might just surprise you at the right moment.

Thus, it is all about mixing and matching to derive your perfect team. And, while registration is free and there are practice matches where you may hone your skills. Make use of the sign-up bonus which varies from one fantasy sports app to another.

Indulge in a couple of practice matches before dwelling into the real deal. If you have already played the league last year, you know the rules of the game. Make use of this knowledge and the few tips, which will certainly help you stay afloat the leader board.