How To Write A Resume in 2020?


A successful resume boosts your chances of getting a dream job. Are you sure that yours looks brilliant today? If you want to get noticed in 2020, follow these up-to-date recommendations. The best professional online resume writing service is glad to share helpful advice on this matter.

Use resume writing services and follow other modern tips

HR specialists need about 6 seconds to look through a resume online. Just think you spend days coming up with this document, years to get relevant experience, and the whole life to build a career. Meantime, a recruiter makes a decision to invite you to a job interview in less than a minute.

A resume is an awesome opportunity to show your talents and capacity. Thus, take it seriously as it is a matter of reputation and future accomplishments.

The best recommendations come from professionals, the ones who provide high-quality resume writing services. For years of fruitful experience, they have collected the most effective tips.

So, what do they expect from your resume in 2020?

1. Adjust your resume to a one position

Every employer wants to see a resume or a cover letter tailored to his/her job. A standard document speaks of a lack of imagination and disrespect to a chosen company. In addition, it can come across as spam.

2. Short and to the point

Do not overload your future employer with a bunch of unnecessary facts. Prove your value for a company demonstrating only essential skills and experience. In doing so, you save recruiters’ time and show your ability to select only important information.

3. Originality

If you apply for a creative job, you definitely need to emphasize your imagination. Fresh ideas are always valuable, and they catch attention. If you feel a writer’s block, you are free to order a custom resume online.

4. Focus on results 

People tend to believe in figures rather than in stories. Thus, highlight your professional accomplishments using numbers.


  • “You need to hire me as I am an awesome experienced web-designer,” or “I am among the top 10 UK web-designers.”
  • “A talented, successful writer” or “A list of my own works consists of 15 essays published on Medium and Forbes.”

As you see, such arguments add dynamics and set a convincing tone of your resume.

5. Move with the times 

Who do you think notices a resume on the Internet if it lacks keywords? Modern companies often use ATS (application tracking system). Therefore, you need an SEO-friendly document.  If it is not your cup of tea, you can purchase it from online specialists.

6. Format of resumes

Make your document stylish. The modern tendencies are about minimalism, dividing a text into sections, info graphics, as well as using headings and subheadings.

7. Make it mistake-free

Apparently, errors in names and emails can cost you a job. Let alone the whole impression of your paper. If your grammar is poor, you can buy proofreading services.

8. Find a balance between modesty and bragging

Yes, you need to present yourself in the best light. Meantime, do not overdo with boasting as it irritates. Shyness, in turn, can hide your crucial merits.

9. Use online resume writing services

It happens that the best way to cope with your resume or CV is to turn to certified professionals. It could be challenging to find a proper specialist near you. Yet, you can always turn to someone like, for instance. They offer competent legal help online. What is more, they do it for affordable prices. It is a cheap cost to pay for your successful future.

This post is based on the real experience of professional career coaches, feedbacks from clients, and Internet research conducted by writers. We hope it will help you get closer to your dream job. You can also hire an online specialist from and get a stellar resume in a couple days.