Humanlike learning and understanding modern machine developed


Humanlike learning and understanding modern machine developed. With time, technology is being more and more advanced and scientists developed alike machine that learns like humans.

In accordance with published report in Science Journal, Scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented suchlike machine which has ability to possess on human capabilities.

Scientists say that at present this machine is able to read letters that is written by humans and also able to memorize it, but soon software will be installed in it that will be able to understand symbols, after which this machine will be able to understand human expressions, movements in dance and spoken word.

MIT Professor says that he wants to develop suchlike a machine or robot which will be able to demonstrate children’s mental level, in such a way that new concepts are born of learning in small classes children and they begin the process of learning new things, his machine will be able to demonstrate similarly.

Experts say that this machine learning program was made on the base of Brooklyn Public Library framework and for this purpose simple computer programs have been developed. With the help of these programs, this machine takes benefits from the past learning objects.

Through which it will take less time to learn new concepts. Scientists say that as early experience machine was given more than 1600 words that had written in world’s 50 different languages. At present this machine is not able to compete human’s brain now, however scientists hope that It will be possible in feature.