Hurdles and difficulties are being faced to those Pakistani Actresses and Actors, who went to India for working in Bollywood industries.


Due the threads which are given by the hindu extremists the Pakistani actors and actresses have been really fearful.
After the erected government of BJP in India, all Pakistani actresses and actors have been haunted of fear because of receiving threads day by day by the different hindu extremist parties.

When the Pakistani actress Mahira khan was offered to work in an Indian movie “Raees” by king Khan, before to sign the movie she was also received a thread by the hindu extremist at hers’ premises.

It was voiced by the hindu extremists that Pakistani must confine their activities in Pakistan only, they will never allowed to work in India, in the mean time so many Pakistani actors and actress are being worked in different dramas and movies in India, rather in India, a lot of acceptability is being done of Pakistanis.

It was narrated by the artists to the government of Pakistan that they must ensure protection of those who went to India for working and concrete measures on diplomatic level, otherwise, Indian films will never be allowed in Pakistan, Indian films will be totally boycotted in Pakistan.