I am both Hindu and a Muslim, Salman Khan.


It is considered that Bollywood Actor Dabaang Khan was being shown his artistic skills in the court of Jodhpur in contract with Wednesday. Salman Khan in 1998 related to a rare black buck illegal haunt poaching case to the trial court was appeared to record the statement. Traditionally questions are raised out of sight him for his identity confirmation at the initializing of hearing, when presiding officer asked his cast then Salman Khan replied “Indian”, when he was remembered by them that Indian is not at all a cast then he further voiced that he is Hindu-Muslim, Bollywood Dabaang Actor Salman Khan cleared that in the briefing that his mother is Hindu rather his father is Muslim. During the hearing alleges are told to Salman, in which answer declared himself innocent in front of Chief Magistrate Anupma Bajalani, and wants some time to file the answers of alleges.

Salman Khan’s Advocate told outside the court that magistrate has given him till 4th of May, time to file answers. The Forest Department of the State Jodhpur night between September and October in the village of millet for the illegal haunt of black buck by keeping and using expired arm license a case was registered against Salman Khan under the arm act. In the occasion of narration recording huge quantity of crowd was present to look Salman Khan, Bollywood Star was reached at Jodhpur by a Chartered Plan in the morning at half past nine, in contract with hearing his popular guard Shara and his sister Alwira was also with him.