I am reticent and shy in my real life.


MUMBAI: It was said by Bollywood Actress Shraddha Kapoor that she is in her real life immense shy and reticent. It was said by her during an interview that before I was very reticent but now slowly I am changing my habit but shyness is not at all lack. It was further said by her that although the screen has a role which is reflected in the strong emotions but I am not likewise in my real life.

It was stated by her that I am impressed by Amitabh Bachan and also a great fan of him and I like a lot his acting way. It was further said by her that she has a wish that she will once again work with Amitabh Bachan she again said that she is not at all immense social. I like to meet lack. She another place said that she thinks herself fortunate that she had been really popular among people in a very short time.

It is remembered that she was been popular by her film “Ashiqui 2” in which she had played a central role and hero of that movie was Aditya Roy Kapoor so many gossips or may be truth are come in front in connecting with them that they have affair or friendship. Once a time during shooting of Aditya Roy Kapoor she was gone to Kashmir to meet him.