I do not like movies that are made against Pakistan.


MUMBAI: It was said by the Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan that he does not at all like movies that are made against Pakistan. According to the report of Indian Media it was said by the Bollywood Actor Salman Khan in an interview that I never like movies in which abusive language is used against Pakistan because likewise we do not tolerate anything against India just do not tolerate the evil of their country.

It was said by him that early people were gone to Pakistan out of sight India. Their hospitality was so good we had missed for years while they come here so relations were made strong.

In case leaders are interested to fight so they do not stop younger ones do not shoot yourself in battle. It is cleared that the Salman Khan movie “Bajraangu Bhai Jaan” which was released on Eid is depended on around a baby who across the border and reached to India when Salman Khan brought her to Pakistan for meeting her with her parents.