I was learnt punctuality on shooting by Akshay Kumar.


MUMBAI: It was said by Priyanka Chopra that I learnt punctuality by Akshay Kumar. It was said by Priyanka Chopra in a popular Anupam Kher show.

She was talking in show and shared a lot of her with audiences that in childhood she was imitating others. That’s why people are teased her by saying Mithu.

According to Priyanka that she was taught punctuality by Akshay Kumar. She wanted to be an engineer in her future but moved towards to acting.

It was further said by her that Aitraaz, Krish and Burfi are her carrier best movies. It is remembered that Priyanka Chopra was been Miss World in 2000 and also is highest paid worker in films. She was born in Jumsherpur her parents were physician in Indian Army.