ICC (international Cricket Council) has been outlawed the bowling action of Saeed Ajmal.


The bowling action of Saeed Ajmal was been suspicious during the test with Srilanka.

DUBAI: ICC (international Cricket Council) has been cleared the bowling action of the magician spinner.

According to the issuing Bio-mechanic test report, which was held in Chennai, after the test ICC has been cleared the bowling action of the Saeed Ajmal, now he can participate in international cricket, except it ICC has also cleared the bowling action of a Bangladesh player namely Sahag Ghazi.

Another side, it was voiced by Saeed Ajmal that for the correction of his bowling action he did a lot of efforts and ALMIGHTY ALLAH gave wage of his efforts, he changed 10 to 12 bowling actions and erected a new bowling action, he is really thankful to the officials of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), who worked hard on him.

It was further stated by him that he is not ready to play world cup 2015, but, in case selectors send him then he is ready to land on the world cup ground.

It is cleared that recent year his bowling action was declared suspicions during the Srilanka series, and he was not been successful in his first Bio-mechanic test.