Ileana D’Cruz took place of Katrina Kaif in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’.


MUMBAI: The Bollywood Actress Ileana D’Cruz took place of Katrina Kaif in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ and gotten a big role as a competitor of Asian Famous Hero Jackie Chan.

According to Indian Media for the famous movie “Kung Fu Yoga” Katrina Kaif was firstly signed. This movie is being filmed by the collective production of India and China but The Bollywood Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif refused to be part of this movie due to her others films busyness on which Stanley Tong Director of movie casted Ileana D’Cruz on place of Katrina Kaif and recent day she has been gone to Dubai for taking part in a film.

It is cleared that Jackie Chan is not working first time together with any Bollywood Actress. He has worked in a film namely “Myth” but in this film role of Malika Sharawat was limited.

It was said by the Resource that The Bollywood film “Burfi” Actress Ileana D’Cruz role is more than the role of Malaika “Myth” and will seen from its initial to last step.

It was further added by resource that Ileana will also seen in filming action and stants and these scenes will be filmed on the direction and presence of Jackie Chan.

It is cleared that The Bollywood Actor Sonu Saud is also being fulfilled a role of Villain in this film and he is also in Dubai in these days.

It was said in this regarding that Hrithik Roshan was also agreed to work in “Kung Fu Yoga” but at last his refusal was frustrated the film makers and they cast Sonu Saud on place of Hrirhik Roshan and he is also in Dubai nowadays in shooting.