Imran Farooq murdered case, JIT (Joint Investigation Team) formatted to investigate from arrested suspects.


Imran Farooq murder case arrested in the investigation of the FIA Inam Ghani headed by Director for Joint Investigation Team has been formed. According to source the joint investigation team arrested in Quetta last day in Imran Farooq murder case investigated from arrested suspects.

The JIT (Joint Investigation Team) prize Ghani, head of Scotland Yard to investigate the Pakistan team met with important information about the case were exchanged. It was said by source that Imran Farooq murder case arrested suspect in Karachi Moazzam Ali has been moved to Islamabad where Scotland Yard team with JIT will investigate from suspect within 24 hours.

It is cleared that Pakistan Protection Act that the powers granted to the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) accused Mohsin Ali, Khalid Shamim Ali Khamenei and for 90 days the FIA will remain in custody.