In America a drone developed which has ability of plane, ship and submarine on betimes.


NEW YORK: American Experts are testing such like a drone that cannot just fly and swim on the surface of water while it can also travel in the depths of seas like submarine.

The experts of Naval Laborites Engineers are busy to develop such like drone Find the enemy’s submarines, swim in the sea leaks and other research will be used for many purposes.

The name was given to this drone robot “familiar” on which video it was seen during fly and swim. It shaped paddles for swimming on a plane if necessary shrink become like arm.

The name of it was made when two words were combined Flying and Swimmer. It was said by experts that this invention was inspired by duck. During the flight of the aircraft flying shrink during stable.

In water its back wings pushes it in front and it speedily change its condition for water and air and the important thing is this that an aquatic bird will be able to put divers in the water.