In America cat got an award for it braveness.


The dispute between cat and dog is very ancient and both do not leave any chance of attack to each other because both are pet animals that’s why want to earn love of their owners and try to take revenge with each other and it was also happened in America.

Where the cat saved the child of owner and saved him from certain death and awarded title of National Hero and surprised everyone by it name. A child was standing near a car in 2014 when suddenly a dog attacked on him and commence to drag him and at that time his pet cat was not at all only attacked on dog while also imposed it to run.

While during child was intensive wounded however for braveness of cat child was saved. Saving animals from cruelty in Los Angeles organized by the Society Shelter Hero Dog at the 33 the Roger pet cat “Tara” to save the life of her baby Jeremy was awarded the prize of National Hero Dog.

It was said by society president in a conference that by Tara braveness and fast actions selection committee was very much effect and decided that this national award must give to that cat. It was voiced by Jeremy father after receiving award that Tara loved Jeremy a lot and often walk around him.

When Jeremy has any problem Tara run towards him while they both are been together and past immense time together and the interesting thing is that in 33 years first time this award was given to a cat that’s why award title was changed out of sight National Hero Dog to National Hero Cat.