In British those students who after the graduation are not gone back crack down will be held against them.


British Interior Minister Theresa my new orders for foreign students to work after the crackdown will be started against them and they have been pressurizing that after completion students have to go back at home quickly and in case necessary so go back to their country and apply once again for job in British out of sight your country.

According to the Interior Ministry rules apply to students from outside the European Union. As for colleges and jobs in Britain ‘ visa backdoors ‘ to prevent the use while students will not be able to do job during education in which Pakistani students are also comprehended.

According to the British statistics recent June till now 21 million students in like manner came to British but out of sight them only 51 thousand students go back to their country remaining 71 thousand are still in British.

The year 2020, the number of students coming to the UK will rise to 6%. According to the Interior Ministry in the UK College of Asia. Africa and other countries students to get involved in employment and illegal entry. The action has been taken against 870 the colleges .