In Canada Muslim woman entered in Cabinet


OTTAWA: In Canada Muslim woman entered in Cabinet. In the whole history of Canada first time any Muslim woman has been included in Cabinet as a Minister.

The Canada Prime Minister’s 23rd swearing ceremony was held in Ottawa Province of Canada. In which common citizens were also permitted to being there in which a huge crowd of citizens were participated.

In contract with that occasion Liberal party according to their promises, inside of 30 members consisted cabinet half of the seats were set for the women.

This is not at all enough in the history of Canada it was happened very first time that the Lady was born in Afghanistan namely Maryam Monsef has been successfully add in the Cabinet of Canada.

She is being called the newest democratic institution Minister. On Wednesday she was declared 31th member of cabinet by the Prime Minister Justin bring her the youngest Minister and this is insufficient she was also declared the forth most youngest Minister of Canada it was also taken place first time in history.

The lady who is 30 years old was born in the western province of Afghanistan Herath which is nearer to Iranian border. She was come out of sight with her mother who is unfortunately widow and also with her two sisters when she was a little child.

When she was toddler she unluckily lost her father and her both sisters were below the age of two. Her mother was just 20s. No one was surely known that what was happened to her father.

It was told by Monsef to the Huffington Post Canada in a telephonic interview out of sight Peterborough that whatever we know most that between the border of Afghanistan and Iran he was caught in a cross fire.

Ahead years early she was born, it was said by her that out of sight at Kabul University her uncle was kidnapped from his dorm room. He was a pharmaceutical student of third year.

He was immense outspoken politically. It was further added by her that he had been listened for making remarks anti communist upon a bus. That was enormous dark night while he and his housemates were kidnapped and never heard and seen again till now.

It was added further by her that she thought that for the family it was a vital call for waking up. Her childhood was passed in moving between Iran and Afghanistan.

In case you were belonged to alike history. So, you have much more matters and also have an opportunity to be a part of tactics in which decisions are made which deeply affects the lives of people.

That is how much a great honour. She had a very difficult phase of life. It was added by her that her mother her family was crossed the border with this hope that this conflict would finish. Mother of her with support of Monsef’s uncles made cleaning, knitting, sewing and cooking.

It was further added by Youngest Minister that her mother was also taught English in several schools and also gave home tuition. It was very dangerous work at that time with could not easily tolerate by anyone else, because the Talibans were never supported the women’s education.

Age the age of 29 in 2014, she was run without success Peterborough’s mayor, hereinafter knocking of 70,000 doors in contract with 19th of October.

She was moved a liberal wave and the very first time with sure success has been MP.

Now the mother of Monsef’s is very proud of her that she has raised her mother’s head with a lot of meaning and her all the sacrifices and hard work have achieved an awesome meaning.