In case compromise did not do from Iran then rockets were fired on Israel.


It was said American President Barack Obama that If Congress does not intervene in Iran nuclear deal and America attacked on Iran so rockets were fired on Israel on its reply.

According to the report of “The Times of Israel” chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council says that it was told by American President in the recent 2 hours long meeting with Jews leaders that it was possible that legislative oppose the agreement and that the benefits of the agreement was being discussed as more personal. Iranian agreement to get the full support of the Jews.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden political and religious communities from all 20 Jewish leaders were invited to the White House Cabinet Room.

Berg Rosen Berg told Israel diplomatic association that Obama Iran nuclear deal carefully to the arguments for trying. Knowing well that agreement is not better in any case.

This meeting was held after the video message through Israel Prime Minister. In which it was pressed that members of the Jewish Federation of North America opposed to the agreement to come into the field.