In contract with the support of Salman in a tweet Khan FIR was registered versus Abhijeet and Farah Ali Khan.


Mumbai High Court was registered a case against Abhijeet Bhatta Chariya and Farah Khan for supporting Salman Khan in a tweet. Court was decided to register a case hence Abhijeet with Farah Ali Khan because both were supported Salman Khan in a tweet. Bollywood Singer Abhijeet before two days listened the news of Salman Khan case, when he became emotional and excessive free to give vent to my heart Abhijeet wrote that crossed boundaries. It was written by Abhijeet that when dog will sleep hence a road so it will die like a dog.

With Abhijeet also Jewelry Designer farah Ali Khan case was registered upon them. It was stated by Farah Ali Khan in her tweet that to give punish to Salman Khan is likewise giving punish to a train driver that anyone was killed during crossing a railway line. In contract with the tweets of Farah Khan when people were come out for protest. He demanded that the stupid tweets cut to mark the streets where the homeless can sleep. Let’s have a look to those who do not give a value of common people and do not know the value of humanity due to their luxuries and royal life.