In film industry Saima Azhar a Model has set her foot.


The girl who was succeed by TV commercials has commenced preparation to appear in contract with big screen, it was stated by Saima Azhar when was talking to express news that she was signed which is being made by kesar sarmaye, but at the moment I cannot tell its name and details almost the cast due to an agreement, but it can surely tell that this movie is being erected hence an unique topic, Consequently watching the movie instead of going to the depression brought smiles will turn out cinema Hall, a strong character responsibility was given to me and it will a huge challenge for me.

It was voiced by Saima Azhar that the process of restoration concerning film industry in Pakistan, but I think that special kind of attention is being given for making movies, promptly so many problems are there in country, due to them everybody is looked worried, that’s why it is our prior responsibility that we make more and more like wise movies which after watching people forget all those worries and problems and smile will shown in contract with theirs’ faces, except the movies in connected to terrorism we have to make romantic and fun movies. When filming commenced in Pakistan with advance technology till that super models are being signed as heroine which is a good sign, in a mean time people want to seen new faces, till we will never introduced new faces with great work, by the time restoration of film industry is not at all possible.