In Gulf Region 200,000 fake degrees were sold by Axact.


Out of sight the Pakistani firm “Axact” in past four years 200,000 people from Gulf countries got fake online degrees and diplomas which is basically an I.T firm.

This operation was exposed by New York Times story in 24/7 at Axact’s Head Quarter, Karachi almost 5,000 calls were attained while 60 % were come out of sight Saudi Arabia and UAE.

It was told by the staff member of Axact namely Sayyed Yasir Jamshaid to Express in an interview that 110 quality auditors i had job to listen conversation among customers and sale agents.

We had software which was being used to filter incoming calls out of sight various countries. In the years between 2011 to mid of 2015.

Our firm had been issued 200,000 fake degrees of non-present universities and also diplomas to Middle East residents. Huge quantity was from Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.