In India 23 million applications were received for the posts of peon and 255 PhD holders are also included in them.


LUCKNOW: The Indian government claims its prosperity and the people never tire of friendly measures but there poverty and unemployment is concerned people with the degree of PhD are wandered here and there.

According to Indian Media Uttar Pradesh State Secretariat the 368 posts advertised for the post of peons.

The applicant’s eligibility to hold the meeting was the fifth. But these applications on these posts during the test found that individuals with a PhD are also ready to work.

It was said by a Chief Officer that he received 23 million applications for the post of 368. In which 255 were PhD, 24 thousand 969 were post graduate and 1.5 million candidate were graduate.

It was said by the state officials that Minor position in the highest number of qualified persons to see the requests have been decided.

The positions that will be made only on the basis of interviews.