In India sisters who are 3 and 5 years old and having weight of 33 and 44 Kg.


MUMBAI: In India 5 years old Ugeeta and 3 years old Amita were not able to walk due to their weight and weak nerves but after consultancy of doctors they lose their weight of some pounds they have been able to walk.

Before 3 months weight of a sister was 33 and other one was 44 but now both have reduced approximately 6 kg and first time they lifted their foot.

Both sisters are suffering from a genetic disease syndrome fusion in which hunger does not end and a sister eats dozens breads, a liter milk, six bananas and several packets of biscuits but still remains hungry.

Due to children expensive treatment their father sold his kidney because his earning is less than 3 thousand Indian rupees and its earning huge part is spent to end hunger of his children. The father of children has spent 50 thousand Indian rupees till now and there is no remission.

It was said by the mother of children that even a few kilograms of weight she cannot take their daughters. Two sisters raising, maintaining, carrying and feeding the washroom need to help others.