In London a private plane crashed in which 2 close relatives of Osama Bin Laden were died.


London: 4 people were died in plane crashed in South London while died people are told close relatives of Osama Bin Laden.

According to foreign news agency Osama Bin Laden’s family private plane was took off out of sight Hampshire airport which after a short while fallen in contract with warehouse of cars causing it 4 people including pilot were died while in died people Osama Bin Laden’s step mother and sister are included.

Another side it is said by the Spokesperson of British Police that in private plane four people were included with a pilot however due to accident no one is more all have been died betimes of that accident.

Immediately after the accident without identifying the bodies the Saudi ambassador to Britain Prince Mohammad Bin Nawaf his official Twitter account to expressed sympathy with the bereaved family.

While it was said by the Saudi ambassador that accident investigation will be held together with British Officials and they have started to communicate Saudia to send collapses there.