In Orana wild life Park tourists are closed in caves and lions are lived openly.


This park is situated inside the Christchurch New Zealand and also known as Orana wild life park, which is opened in the year 1976 and extra-aggregated day by day. It has approximately 400 animals and the quantity is being increased more and more with a lot of efforts. They pick up and being so closed to animals efficiently with sure protection. It has been very eminence park of the world. Here are a lot of un presumes facts that cannot be consider as the reality.

Here are so many things for entertain of the tourists for the whole day.

Inside this Orana wild life park tourist are closed in caves and cave is put on the truck then people are looked those wild animals with maximum protection and very much nearly, they do not have fear at all, they enjoy these moments very much bravely.

This wild life park was also been closed after the damage which is caused by the storm on Tuesday, 12 September, 2013 unluckily. Consequently to zookeepers herein after the storm the fences were destroyed and the trees were badly un rooted and the power was totally lost.

It was narrated by the wild life park Chief named: Lynn Anderson that all the animals were save inside their caves and premises.