In order to get her Facebook lover, an Indian woman killed her husband and the son


NEW DELHI: This is the most disappointing news of the day that a woman in India killed her husband and a 4 years old child. In India where Hindu Extremists are increasing day by day, people are being killed by their loved ones. It is becoming a common practice day in and day out. A similar incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh where a woman blinded in a love of her Facebook friend, just not killed her husband, she also killed her 4 years old innocent child.

According to Media Reports, Archana and Om Parkash were a married couple in shahpur town, District Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. They also had a 4 years old child. A year before, Archana fell in love with Ajay Yadav through FaceBook, who was a resident of Ferozabad. After sometimes, Ajay started coming and going at Archana’s home. Om Parkash was not aware of the relationship between Archana and Ajay.

Archana who was blind for her love, Ajay planned to flee from home and eventually on 20th January, both jointly killed Om Parkash with hammer. They also did not show any pity to the innocent child who was just 4 years old. They also killed him heartlessly. After taken both precious lives, they ran from there but unfortunately, police caught them. According to police, child was strangled by her mother and Om Parkash was attacked by a hammer.

The boyfriend of Archana confessed while he was talking to media. He said, Archana forced him to get married. She also planned to kill both of the victims. He just helped her.