In spite of Bollywood offers, Pakistani film is the first priority.


LAHORE: In spite of offers from Bollywood, I always give priority to Pakistani films. The shooting of the film will begin from this month. If the quality films make continuously, so only the Pakistani films will show in cinemas.

Model Actress Neelam Muneer expressed these thoughts in an interview. According to Actress, despite the fact that it’s a popular medium film but it does not mean that you sign film without looking script and team.

I am not only getting offers from Pakistani film industry while I am still getting offers from Bollywood film industry. I will agree to work in such films at the same time when I will like my role. Director Mohsin Ali knows my temperament very well.

That’s why, he first told my role. Neelam Muneer further added it is my wish that as an actress, I will give such performance which people will never forget until ages. In this age of satellites, More than a hundred domestic and foreign channels are running drama serials simultaneously.

To draw the audience is a tough task. I am lucky that as an actress, I have made my distinct identity. I also wanted to give surprise to my loved ones on screening. I am playing a central role in Mohsin Ali’s film opposite Ahsan Khan. It will be a romantic and musical film. Its shooting will be in Karachi till April while its songs will shoot in foreign countries.

Neelam Muneer replied in the answer a question, success is always gotten by those who keep courage to cross all the barriers and hurdles. I always gave thorough respect to my seniors and they also give me complete support.

Remember that I never bother from the rumors related to me while I enjoy them.