In What Ways Can An Infidelity Therapist Repair A Shattered Matrimony?


Marriage is one of the most significant institutions around which society has been built from prehistoric times. Marital bliss is one of the most exciting and impactful experiences that anyone can wish for.

However, this cannot be said to be the situation in most marriages today. Many dynamics come into play when couples have completed courtship and have signed the dotted lines that bind them as one entity forever supposedly.

In contrast to the famed Cinderella happily ever after theme, most marriages don’t stand the test of time with emotional wear and tear, causing the bonds binding couples to erode. Infidelity is undoubtedly a marriage killer. Many American marriages have been murdered from the couples engaging in external relationships, cheating, adultery, or having an ‘affair’.

Here in this piece, we will aim at helping couples whose marriage has suffered due to infidelity restore the dying flames of their love by seeking the help of an infidelity therapist.An infidelity coach is a trained and qualified marriage counselor that specializes in handling cases of infidelity.

Strategies Used By Infidelity Therapists to Help Couples Heal Their Marriage

1.    Help the couple identify the reasons for infidelity

These reasons include, but are not limited to sex addiction, boredom, lack of emotional&physical intimacy, low self-esteem, depression, mistrust, resentment, revenge, past traumatic experiences, and substance abuse.

The therapist knows that when the causes of the case are identified, then initiating the healing process is on the right path.

2.    Individual counseling

This strategy involves counseling each partner separately to identify the root cause of the problem. This allows each partner to open up honestly. Such a scenario where the couples bravely pour out all their grievances to the neutral infidelity can impactful. If the identified cause is related to past traumatic experiences, the expertise of the therapist comes to play to clear all such trauma.

3.    Counseling as a couple

Here, the infidelity therapist counsels the couple together. The major aim of this session is to evaluate the level of damage done, rebuilding trust and communication between the couple. The therapist tries to reignite their passion by helping them trace their minds back to when they first fell in love.

4.    Psychological therapy through art, music, and dance

This is an advanced form of therapy where the couple is guided through sessions of art, music, and dance which have been regarded as love languages and have been known to reconnect souls subtly.

5.    Spiritual counseling, meditation, and yoga

This oriental form of therapy is quite impactful on spiritual-minded couples. These sessions work on removing the subconscious debris such as anger and resentment that arecreated by infidelity. These sessions help create calmness of the mind and reduce stress, thus helping the couple to reconnect on a higher level.

6.    Supervise rehabilitation in cases of substance abuse

The therapist will liaise with the medical personnel handling the rehabilitation process by giving useful information and monitoring the progress of the process.


The bottom line is that for this therapy to be effective, the couple must agree to work with the therapist without harboring any resentment towards each other. They must promise to let go of the hurt, never to repeat the identified causes; only then can they be sufficiently healed enough to move on to better days.