Included woman in mysterious disease continuously laugh and unconscious.


Tracy Hearing is 44 years old and she does not watch funny movies and emotional programs because in laughter, anger and sorrows conditions and her nerves are weak due to which she is unconscious.

Tracy has disease of cataplexy and she has not watching any comedy film since 2003 till now. Due to emotions of disease her muscles are affected.

It is said by her daily that due to daily laughter her neck is being weak and control is ended on her hand and legs herself and his body is rendered useless from the right side for a while and she becomes unconscious many times and this incident is happened one or two times in a year surely.

In the gathering of friends she always refuses to listens jokes. She had first attack of cataplexy at the age of 32 years and except all the precautions sometimes been hunt of this condition.

In this condition is temporary while visiting her jaw hanging. Feet out of joint, the head is rolled and this condition is been for few seconds to several minutes.