Increase dollar value in Open and Inter-Market


In the Inter-Market, 110 rupees, while the open market crossed 111 rupees, but after the improvement, the price of the dollar in under the Market is Rs 106  50 paise rupees and the open market has got Rs 108 50 paise.

Today, in the two markets of Pakistan, the Pakistani rupee was severely unhappy compared to the US dollar, as soon as the dollar started transactions in the bank, and once the US dollar was at Rs 110 Crossed.

The dollar jump was not limited to just interbank but also in the open market, the dollar was expensive and was seen at a level of Rs 111. However, after some improvement, the value of the dollar in the Inter-Bank was Rs 106 rupees 50 paise when the open market got 108 rupees 50 paise.

Despite the improvement in the market situation, uncertainty has not ended. Spokesperson State Bank says the market is taking a look at dollar-ups, but it can’t be said.

On the other hand, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia has already predicted the risk of Pakistani rupee rate exchange in its report. IMF has also expressed the need to soften the rate of exchange for the improvement of external imbalance and due to foreign debt or domestic situation.