The Indian actress Ravina Tandon will play the role of Benazir Bhutto in a film.


The movie which is going to erect on the former Prime Minister of Pakistan late Benazir Bhutto, who was martyred in an attack. She was not at all only a great leader, she was also really brave, so Vidya Balan was first offered to play role of her in the movie.

MUMBAI: The bollywood actress namely Ravina tendon will play the main role in contract with the movie, which will be forged on the former prime Minister of Pakistan.

Consequently to a website, inside bollywood a film is going to be created on the life of late brave Prime Minister of Pakistan ”Benazir Bhutto”, in which movie Vidya Balan was first offered, but the offered was refused by her, however after refusing of her, the offer was given to Ravina Tondon, and she agreed and accepted offer, and Ravina was also gave suggestion about changing some scripts , and except it she is also welling to produce this movie.