The Indian Lesbians couple has been married!


The proverb has been realized reality that Love is blind in like manner. People are not at all adequate thinking, they just thing about their likeness. The meaning of love at first side is everything you need you are easily found it in your partner, you never thing about race, religon and sex grounds.

Consequently to the adequate, such kind of tragedy was happened 8 days ago, when the two Indian girls was married with each other, six years ago when both girls namely Seema and Shannon were met in a fitness club at United States, it was just a first sight love, who tied their crew, those are these two Indian girls.

In six years ago when I was being taught in a fitness class, love at first a sight believed by me upon it, they both girls were belonged to a very traditional family which is being shown clearly in pictures.

In the religion of India lesbians and gay marriages are strictly prohibited, this religion never support such king of marriages at last, when you are in a free country, rather your love is near religion.

It is really bitter full to acknowledge, and it is also never fantasy, but these kinds of acts are being enhancing.