Indian police heeled hard to top to prove Chanda Pakistani but they could not prove it.


AMRITSAR: Indian Police could not prove a girl Pakistan namely Chanda even they heeled hard to top to prove it and to give new colour to their flopped drama police have sought permission from the court for Polly graphics test.

According to Amritsar Police they presented Chanda in local court and said that we could not have made any progress in connecting with Chanda identification while 4 days should enhance in her remand and also give permission for her Polly graphics test because citizenship of Chanda can detect.

The court granted the request of police and enhanced 4 days of remand and also gave permission for Polly graphics test. It is cleared that Indian police arrested a woman namely Chanda before 15 days from Jhalandar and alleged on her that Chanda is belonged to Pakistan but Indian officials have not proved any solid evidences yet in regarding it.