Indian woman saved 3 persons life after death


NEW DELHI: In India 45 years old woman lost her life due to a brain hemorrhage. She donated her body organs to 3 dying persons and gave a new life to them. According to Indian Media and All India Institute of Medical Science, the woman namely ‘Bibiyata’ brought to the Paras Hospital, Suburban Town of Gurgaon, Capital New Delhi, India, due to severe headache. The doctors declared clinically dead to her on February 12th, 2016. Her family expressed a wish to donate her organs including both kidneys and liver.

According to the Director of the Hospital, we searched such needy persons who are desperately needed and we formed different teams of doctors. The doctors took out both kidneys and liver from her body and transplanted these organs to 3 patients successfully after an operation.

According to Director of the Hospital, we faced a lot of complications performing this process and we got services of more than 300 doctors including, other hospitals staff. It is the story that completely based on humanity and kindness that how Indian woman saved 3 persons life after death.