India’s drone attacks on China


An Indian drone has “attacked China’s airspace and destroyed” on its region, Chinese state media said.

Zhang Shuili, deputy director of the western theatre combat bureau, said the occurrence took place in “recent days”. He did not give a correct location.

He was cited by Xinhua news agency as saying that India had “contravene China’s regional sovereignty”.

The Indian army said the drone had been deployed on a training mission and evolved a technical issue.

Indian army advocates Colonel Aman Anand told journalists that they had lost control of the drone which then passed into Chinese airspace. They alerted their Chinese partners soon after, he added.

The two countries saw relations intensify this summer when they became locked in a debate over a Himalayan plateau.

In remarks conveyed widely by state media releases, Mr Zhang said Chinese border forces had leaded “confirmations “of the drone.

He added that China indicates “our strong disappointment and resistance regarding this matter” and that it would “firmly protect the country’s rights and well-being “.

Relations between the two countries soured in June when India said it contradicted a Chinese endeavor to expand a road on the Doklam/Donglang plateau, at the border of China, India and Bhutan.

China and Bhutan have contending claims on the plateau, and India bolsters Bhutan’s claim.

After weeks of heightening tensions, including heated rhetoric from both sides, the stand-off finished in August when both countries pulled back their militaries.

The two nations fought a bitter battle over the border in 1962, and debates remain uncertain in different areas which reason tensions to rise periodically.