Inside the India gibbons are being done duties of security guard.


In the events of marriages bridals have been very fearful out of sight attack of monkeys.
AGRA: An Indian city Agra which is really attractive for the visitors, but recent years monkeys are possessed there, and their quantity is being enhanced day by day and this increasing has been teased the life of citizens, also attacks are being held by them in marriage ceremonies, for this cause bridals are been immense fearful, to save these events gibbons are being higher as security guards.
According to the authorities, where these events are held, monkey storm and sometimes they stir in whole celebration, so to save hence them people are kept big gibbons who are enemies of them has started to higher as security guard, which has been silver of those who nourish the gibbons, they receive their desire amount for an event.

According to the authorities, 3 thousands are paid to call gibbons for an event, but in emergencies the owners of them are received 10 thousands for an event. It was stated by the local, since in Hindu Religion feeding of gibbons is considered a good deed, but for this cause they have climbed on heads, they are reached everywhere as uninvited guests, while the bridals in the marriage events has been haunt of fear.

It was narrated by a local woman that monkeys were attacked on a groom and injured him very much, after it gibbons were called in an event and then event was been held safely.