Inside of China a Park by which is tasted of death to living humans.


China has erected a unique amusement park where taste of death is tasted by humans, betimes tourists are come after process of death. So their sweats are left. As a result of a foreign news agency a part of the world wheme park in China “Samadhi” were named, there tourists are passed through 4 Dimension (4D) technology out of sight death procedure. In the Theme park first tourist is kept in the morgue and then later put him in a coffin is taken to crematorium, where they are passed through the hot air for burning process.

During this process to feel burning in reality lights are also used. The final stage of artificially regenerated die enters in the stage and an in like manner outline appears in contract with the roof that they are in the bellies of their mothers. Later in the womb of his mother a room whose floor and walls are covered with soft mattresses tourists walking on the knee are likewise children. When tourists are come out hereinafter this process so they are totally wet in sweats. But the fact that they could not identify steeped in sweat out of sight the heat or because of fear of death have left their sweat.