Interesting Facts about Tom Ford Marijuana Strain


With the growing popularity of medical marijuana, more people are aware of the benefits of cannabis than ever before. Today, there are hundreds of different marijuana strains. Generally speaking, sativas tend to be mentally energizing. Unlike sativas, indicas promote a more relaxed state that can transition into drowsiness. Different medical patients will require different strains based on their own unique needs. The Tom Ford marijuana strain has remained popular among medical marijuana patients for a few reasons. Read on to learn more about this unique and beneficial strain.

Tom Ford Origins

Tom Ford is also known as Rob Ford, Tom Ford Pink Kush, or TFPK. The Tom Ford marijuana strain hails from Toronto and is rumored to be a cross between Pink Kush and Death Bubba. It is named after the controversial former Canadian mayor, Rob Ford, who was discovered to be using recreational marijuana, among other drugs, while in office.

Tom Ford Properties

Tom Ford is an indica-dominant hybrid with up to 25% THC. This makes it a very potent and effective candidate for treating many conditions. It can be identified by its heavy, round buds. Its main color is dark green with pink and purple undertones. The buds are usually threaded in orange or reddish hairs and lushly frosted in trichomes. Tom Ford’s aroma contains notes of lemon, hash, and honey, while the flavor of its smoke can be described as earthy, sweet, and woody.

Tom Ford Effects

Tom Ford is known to be heavily sedating overall. Many users report feeling physically and mentally relaxed after smoking the tom ford strain. These effects are consistent with many other indicas. Smoking Tom Ford can also result in a serious case of the munchies. Luckily, it induces drowsiness, so the user can simply drift off to sleep to avoid any cannabis-induced episodes of overeating. Some people have reported psychedelic effects among novice or sensitive users. Patients with less overall experience should take this into account when looking at this strain for the first time.

Conditions to Treat with Tom Ford

Because of its relaxing effects, Tom Ford is very effective in managing chronic pain. Its mental and euphoric effects could also benefit people suffering from anxiety and depression. Finally, Tom Ford’s appetite-enhancing effects may help people experiencing appetite loss. Patients undergoing chemotherapy and people suffering from eating disorders are two populations that fall under this category. Other conditions that medical marijuana is used for include epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, and PTSD. Any condition that can be treated with medical marijuana will likely benefit from Tom Ford as well.

Final Verdict

Overall, Tom Ford is a classic, heavy-hitting indica that produces a strong body high and a good night’s sleep. With a flavor profile that is usually described as earthy, sweet, and inviting, it’s easy to see why the strain has so many fans. Like with any medical intervention, patients should do their research if they’re considering a treatment plan that includes cannabis. Because of Tom Ford’s high THC content, it’s not exactly beginner friendly, but it makes potent medicine for those who can find it.