Interpol has ordered to arrest International Pop Singer Justin Bieber.


MOUNTRENA: Argentina Court has ordered to Interpol for arresting International Pop Singer Justin Bibber. According to foreign news agency, there is an allege in contract with Justin Bieber to attack hence a photographer, which hearing is being held in Argentina Court, in the recent year court ordered to him for appearing however he was not appeared in court, in contract with which court ordered to Interpol to arrest him as soon as possible, in case is he inside Argentina any where, quickly arrest him.

It is cleared that Justine has also faced court before this incident he attacked on a taxi driver in Canada, while in California he was punished for throwing eggs on his neighbor. It is no doubt that in a very initial age he started singing and rapidly took his position very well by his performances, now he has become really popular among all over the world, but due to his attitude which he showed to others and his ego which both are being his great enemies, at last court of Argentina has been really teased by him and ordered to Interpol to arrest him as soon as possible, fiond him all over the Argentina.