Iran nuclear deal with world powers is greatest mistake of history.


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the greatest mistake of Iran and 6 others world’s super powers dealing. According to foreign news agency it was said in the narration which was released by Prime Mister House that agreement between Iran and international powers the world’s greatest historical mistake.

The world powers to Iran armed with nuclear weapons has many compromises. It was said by him that how could America do agreement with such like country. During the talks, agreement was declared disaster for the United States.

It was further said by Prime Minister of Israel that Agreement in the form of sanctions imposed on Iran after Tehran raised billions from its oil and banking sectors will bring and the money will be spent in contract with terrorist centers which will not bode well for the world.

Earlier Benjamin Netanyahu was anti- Iranian agreement but in regarding it he was also run a campaign. The US Congress and the United Nations General Assembly but this campaign was been failure.

It is cleared that Israel threaded that In case the agreement between Iran and world powers to stop any military action had to be avoided even.