Is ITIL Certification Worth Your Time And Effort?


In recent times, IT certifications have become an important means of improving your skills to help you achieve your career goals. With proper technical training and knowledge, you can perform your tasks better and achieve the desired results in lesser time. These certifications are also a great way to get your skills refreshed. Even if you have years of experience in your field as an expert, getting a certification can help to improve your credibility and get your skills validated.

However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that theoretical knowledge and practical experience go hand in hand. While IT certifications can play a vital role in improving your credibility and the validation of your skills and knowledge, they need to be able to deliver their primary objective, i.e., to enhance your skills according to the constant technological advancements and help you accomplish your organizational goals successfully. In recent years, due to the lack of trained and certified professionals, the number of IT certifications and technical training programs have rapidly increased.

Many times, individuals end up opting for those certifications that do not complement their job portfolio or do not contain relevant topics, and this leads to question the reliability, purpose, and worth of these IT certifications. Currently, numerous certifications are being offered including cloud certifications, storage certifications, vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications. Among such certifications is the ITIL certification.

ITIL Platform

ITIL is a body of integrated practices, operating as a component of the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)platform. It is oriented towards maintaining an integrated approach in providing IT services as per the requirements of organizations as well as individuals.

It is a platform that embodies bestIT practices as well as procedures to assist you with the transformation, expansion, and growth of your enterprise. Holding a vast body of clientele, several organizations worldwide can attest to the positive outcomes of application and implementation of ITIL.

ITIL Certifications

Whatever the results of implementing ITIL may be, you need to assess the significance of the ITIL certification training keeping in mind your unique requirements and needs of your organization and decide as an IT personnel,if these certifications are worth your time and effort or not.

So, if you are currently unemployed or are looking for professional certification to gain access to better job opportunities and career advancements, then ITIL is an excellent choice. For, you might have noticed that a large number of business organizations ask for ITIL certification as a prerequisite or consider it as an added bonus. Unlike other IT certifications, ITIL certification does not focus on any particular medium or skill. Also, there are not any prerequisites for this certification. It can be achieved by anyone who has an association with the IT industry.

The Pyramid Structure Of The ITIL Certifications

The ITIL certifications program is of a pyramid structure and consists of the following levels:

  1. ITIL Foundation Level
  2. ITIL Practitioner Level
  3. ITIL Intermediate Level
  4. ITIL Expert Level
  5. ITIL Master Level

For each ITIL certification training, there are different prerequisites that you need to fulfill and all of these levels contain certifications designed for different jobs and serve different purposes. For completing each level, you are granted certain credit points.

ITIL Certifications’ Path

The first step in the ITIL Certifications’ path is the ITIL Foundation Level course. It is essential to complete this course if you wish to opt for any ITIL certifications of advanced level. This course provides you with a wide body of knowledge required to move ahead wither higher levels of certifications. You need merely 3 weeks to prepare for the foundation level.

Other levels too, do not take too much time to prepare for, depending on your experience and prior knowledge. The different levels of certifications are designed according to various job functions and roles in an organization. The topics of each course, however, are the same worldwide.

The pyramid structure leads you to Expert and Master Level certifications. Before reaching the Master Level, the Expert Level is achieved by those applicants who have earned one of the several combinations of certifications required and can demonstrate sound knowledge and superior skills in ITIL.

Module Paths ToITIL Expert Level Certification

The ITIL Expert Level certification can be reached at via several combinations of available modules at ITIL that earn you the required credits. Out of these, the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) module alone can be cleared to earn 22 credits,which makes you eligible for the Expert Level certification. The ITIL MALC Certification assists you in putting to practice and applying your ITIL skills in your organization.

To better decide if the certification is worth your time and effort or not, and if you can pursue the ITIL training or not, you can assess the certifications in 3 aspects; effort, affordability and time duration. A detailed overview of each is given below:

Effort Needed To Pursue The ITIL Certifications

Not many IT professionals are willing to put in too much effort in training as learning new concepts and managing their job responsibilities as well can be mentally taxing and exhausting. However, to your relief as a currently employed professional, this course does not require excessive effort. It simply shows you how to simplify the tasks you perform at your workplace daily.

Most of the topics covered in the ITIL certification training are the processes you may already be involved in. So, you do not get sidetracked at all. Instead, it helps you accomplish your daily tasks effortlessly, making you a more productive member of your organization.

Affordability Of The ITIL Certifications

It is also important to have an idea about the amount you need to spend to invest in these certifications. The examination fees are not a very large amount, and these training courses are not all that expensive either. Mostly, organizations sponsor their employees for getting certified as it benefits them in the long run. The ITIL Foundation certification course can cost you around 500 US$.

Time Duration Of The ITIL Certifications

Before opting for this training, you need to ensure if you can invest the time required to gain this certification or not. In case you are already employed and fear that you cannot invest a lot of time, then this course is ideal for you. This training merely demands a maximum timeslot of 2 hours daily for 3 weeks. This will not be a burden if you have a busy schedule.

Moreover, most trainees manage to get certified within 2 weeks, as most of the topics covered are of foundational level which most professionals are well-versed with. Therefore, you will not need too much time to complete this course.

An important point to keep in mind, however, is that though you do not attempt the examination, the training itself will provide you with sound knowledge of the basics.