Is Lindsay Lohan studying Holy Quran?


Panic erupted in the US media at the time when Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan looked for a Holy Quran. Lindsay Lohan in Brooklyn in contract with Wednesday when the first day of community service to the public then a copy of the Holy Quran was in her hand. Consequently to Media’s coming reports, Hollywood actress imposed by a court in New York. When she came out after completing her services in a children center. She had a copy of Holy Quran in her hands.

Lindsay Lohan is Irish and Italian heritage and was nourished in Catholic environment. She was been popular hereinafter played a central role in “Mean Girls”. She was wearing a red bracelet regarding which Jews are believed that misfortune is been very far out of sight it who wears it saves from evil eyes. There were also rumors in connecting with her that she is also being attended Kabala classes, in 2012 such kind of rumors were also come that she has joined Buddhist group. Two prayers through Holy Quran was also posted by Lindsay Lohan connecting hence her Instagram “O Allah I ask you of knowledge that is of benefit and “O My Lord increase me in my knowledge”.