Is Melanotan II All Worth It ?



The drug was under development but then the product was never marketed. The Melanotan II is a clinically developed drug which is found to be sold in various online websites. The drug has lost its main purpose for which it was being prepared and are sold as tanning drugs all around. There are more to the drug than tanning and the effects of the Melanotan II administered are varied in humans. There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to Melanotan II.

Ingredients in Melanotan II

The Melanotan II is a clinically prepared chain of amino acids, with 1024.18 Dalton Molecular weight. This is an analog of alpha-MSH and is responsible for varied functions. The exposure of alpha-MSH to UV rays stimulates the production of melanin from the melanocytes present under the skin.

Dosage and Introduction inside the body

The Melanotan II is supplied as a lyophilized powder in a sealed vial. It is to be kept at a cold temperature and so the product is shipped in cold containers too.

The injection needs to be prepared with bacteriostatic water mixed with powder. The concentration of solution depends on the amount of water introduced, which can vary between 1ml and 5ml. The recommended starting dose is 0.25mg. The injection needs to be given in a layer of subcutaneous tissue. When with a normal syringe the injection needs to be done at 45 degrees angle and if someone is using an insulin syringe, they need to inject it in 90 degrees to get the activity of the drug.

One should never use above 0.15ml and reduce the usage once the skin goes darker. The drug needs to be stored in the fridge and discarded after 3 weeks if not used.

Importance of using the Supplement

The Supplement is prepared for a single purpose but helps in a variety of functions. The drug was made clinically but never marketed, though there are many advantages of using the drug.

  1. The drug is prepared in the laboratory as a treatment of erectile dysfunction so that the men can get an erection after getting a shot under their skin.
  2. Since this is linked to melanin production from melanocyte cells under UV exposure, the drug helps in the tanning of the skin.
  3. It is said to be of great help in preventing skin cancer due to exposure to radiation, but this is under trial and was never tested for this purpose.

Though there are advantages of the ingredients like alpha-MSH present in Melanotan II, the drug is still not marketed due to various adverse effects. There are some really alarming side effects of this drug.

Side effects of Melanotan II

The Melanotan II has some adverse effects that need to be kept in mind before administering it in the body of an individual. The subjects had the following problems after testing of dosage.

  1. Nausea, Vomiting after the effect of the drug in the body.
  2. Facial flushing and muscular fatigue.
  3. Infections in the injection sites.
  4. In males, spontaneous erection going on for 1-5 hours and also associated with yawning and stretching complex.

These effects were seen after the successful introduction of the Supplement in the humans and therefore this should be used less or should be avoided if possible. It is bound to have these adverse effects after normal dosages too.

Final Verdict

The Melanotan II is a Supplement which was never marketed after clinical preparation and so many years of research. There is a reason why it was not brought to the market because the doctors found out that the adverse effects tend to increase with the days of usage. The introduction of the drug may prove to be a disadvantage for people in the long run and so even with some advantages, So, it is better to consult your doctor first before using this.