Is the Tea good for health or not?


Nobody can deny the importance of tea in Pakistan. This hot drink is also liked and consumed all over the planet.

According to the various reports, it helps mental decline protection, certain types of cancer, stroke, heart disease and also reduces the risk of diabetes and so on.

However, medical experts are not sure about it that how much or to which extent the positive effects are of the ingredients of the tea that are caffeine, fluoride and many others. However, there is a good relationship between tea and health benefits.

But so far the genuine ways to get the benefits of tea are not sure.

To find it, a researcher of the University of California did a research. According to his research, the ingredients that are present in tea reduce the blood pressure, improve the blood functions and reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Given these findings and the evidences, would you like to drink tea for your health?

Those who like this drink surely their answer will be yes but those who don’t like it, their answer can be different.

It was revealed in the research that if you replace tea against cold drinks, it is good for your health. Bedsides body’s water requirements, tea also provides some extra health benefits.

According to the research, you take fluoride and other ingredients with tea that
have positive effects on circulation of blood and its side-effects are negligible especially if you prefer tea outside the home.

According to the researchers, if you mix milk in tea, its most of the benefits are gone. However, if any woman is pregnant, she should not take more tea because it contains caffeine that can be harmful for her.

Is the Tea good for health or not? this mystery has been solved now.