ISHAQ DAR: IMF has been agreed to donate 55 Crore Dollars.


After receiving assistance, 150 billion rupees will be spending in contract with National Action Plan and other expenses.

DUBAI: It was stated by the Minister of Finance, Pakistan namely Ishaq Dar that IMF has been agreed to donate 55 Crore dollars to Pakistan, which assistance will be receiving in the last week of March.

In Dubai, the final part of the process was discussed between the IMF officials and Pakistan, After it during the press conference, Ishaq Dar voiced that the meeting with IMF was been successful and after receiving assistance 150 billons will be spending on National Action Plan and others expenses.

He was further remarked that fiscal deficit and loan of government have been enhanced.

Federal Mister of Finance expressed that after the year 2013, signs of economy is being improved, rather due to lacking in the cost of petrol, lacking also being held in tax targets and out of sight 5 billion extravagant, deficit can be reached more than 150.

He was further told that the plan to bring economy in one direction has been successful, in which after the fear of bankruptcy has been ended, while state bank is also being done efforts to be independent, rather the economy of the country is followed the path of success fast.