Islam hates the United States, says Donald Trump


MIAMI: Republican Candidate Donald Trump includes in the running of United States Presidential Election’s candidates said in his controversial statement that the majority of the Muslims hate the United States.

As per report American Broadcast Agency ‘CNN’, Donald Trump said while he was speaking in the program of debates between presidential candidates. He insisted on his point that Islam hates us.

The host asked a question to him that do you think that do 1 billion and 60 million Muslims all over the world hate us? On which Donald Trump replied that this for me is the overwhelming majority of the world.

He further said that people think that only extremists hate the United States. But most people are not aware of the fact the overwhelming majority of the Islam hate the United States.

It is clear that last week, Donald Trump said during the program of CNN that Muslims have tremendous hatred against the United States.

Donald Trump further said that in this regard, it is very difficult to differentiate between Islam Religion and Muslims. However, our war is against Islam extremists that will continue.

Remember that earlier to it, Donald has given statement against Islam and Muslims several times. On which he received harsh criticism. In a statement, he also demanded to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

In such a way Donald Trump was not only received harsh criticism from all over the world even also received towards political leaders on his statement.

On his statements, the United States, especially Democratic Leaders say that if Donald Trump elects as President so the future of United States will be at risk.

On constant statements against Islam and Muslims, The spiritual leader of Catholics Pope France has already removed Donald Trump from Christianity.

In the long run, it is clear that Islam hates the United States, says Donald Trump who had been removed from Christianity by Pope France.