It’s Now Possible to Keep Your Number While Moving to VoIP


Communication is the backbone of any successful business. Developing a communication

framework is necessary to keep team collaboration high and boost productivity. Having a communication breakdown can lead to problems, delays, and inaccuracies.


Enhancing the communication process is the reason a majority of organizations are opting for VoIP phone numbers. The global VoIP industry is expected to witness a growth of over 9.1% CAGR between 2016-2021. This indicates the increasing popularity of virtual phone systems.


Virtual phone solutions have taken the business world by storm. The best part about them is that they establish a strong business presence, even in foreign markets. For example, if your organization has spread its wings in the United States, getting a US virtual phone number is the easiest way to bond and forge a credible connection with local clients. In such a scenario, a US virtual phone number will prove to be a real asset as it will reduce expenses and attract target audiences to your business model.


VoIP phone numbers are a radical invention that can make a world of positive difference in operational efficiency. It is a virtual, customized, and intelligent platform that can structure office communication. Virtual phone systems bring about seamless two-way communication amongst employees, clients, and other organizational stakeholders.


Keep Your Existing Number While Switching to VoIP


Making the transition to virtual phone numbers is a huge challenge. Organizations need to

take the plunge and move over from traditional wired phone systems to internet-powered voice communication. However, managers have many apprehensions about making the switch, and they often think twice before adopting virtual phone systems.


One significant aspect that holds back companies from moving over to VoIP solutions is the fact that they feel they will need to change their phone number. Well, this is far from the truth and a big myth. Organizations can retain their old number, even if they decide to invest in a virtual phone number. Most virtual phone service providers facilitate number portability – a unique feature that allows users to continue using their old phone number even if they change their service provider.


What is Number Portability?


Phone number portability is one of the most popular and sought-after features of virtual phone systems. It is the ability to use the same phone number even if the service providing network is changed. This is made possible by government regulations, so phone service providers have to offer portability, in the case of both wired and wireless services. The only requirement is that the personal records of the person owning the phone connection should be the same and submitted with both service providers.


Advantages of Keeping the Same Number after Moving to VoIP:


Moving to VoIP phone solutions is a big decision that can have a rippling impact on organizations. However, keeping the old phone number is a huge advantage for businesses in the long run. Here are some benefits of number portability while using virtual phone systems:


Retain Business Identity: A phone number becomes a personal identity for a business organization. Loyal old customers have phone numbers saved with them, and they use them as a primary medium of communication. Organizations often do not move over to VoIP solutions as they feel that they will get a new number. However, number portability allows companies to keep their old number. Whether they get a VoIP landline number or a mobile phone number, organizations can prefer to retain their previous number so that their professional identity remains unchanged. This will allow clients to get in touch with them as before, and will not result in any unexpected business losses.


High Accessibility: One significant advantage of virtual phone systems is that they boost productivity, even on the move! Managers can retain the old phone number through portability, and since VoIP platforms work through the internet, employees can remain connected round the clock. This means that workers do not have to restrict themselves to the physical office location. They can travel for work purposes, and connect on their laptop, smartphone, or personal computer through a high-speed internet connection. Virtual phone numbers certainly go a long way in enhancing mobility and agility – they are a sure shot way to gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic business arena.


Low Costs: VoIP phone numbers are a great way to bring down costs of any organization. The best part about number portability is that it is usually absolutely free of cost. Some service providers may levy a small transactional charge for the service of retaining the same number, but that is also very nominal. The overall pricing packages of virtual phone systems are very economical and can be customized to cater to specific business requirements. Virtual phone numbers are particularly useful for companies that need to make a high volume of business calls daily. They are a useful corporate communication tool that can increase monetary savings through low calling costs.


Virtual phone numbers are the future of telecommunications. They have taken over professional business communication on a large scale. Getting a virtual phone solution for your organization can be a transformational decision. It is a user-friendly, scalable, and maintenance-free system that will yield a quick return on investment.


Leverage the option of number portability and switch over to VoIP networks. It will result in increased bottom line results and take your organization to great heights!