Jacqueline will take training of ancient form of Martial Art “Kalari” for her new film.


MUMBAI: In Bollywood central role of women is being trended, and the last days similarly film “Akira” was notified in which Sonakshi Sehna is being played central role, in this film Sonakshi Sharma is being taken exclusively Ninja training, in like manner we have heard that actress Jacqueline has been decided to learn ancient form of Martial Art “Kalari” for her new film.
Jacqueline is striving to be a great athlete for do a challenge practice scene.

The ancient form of martial art Kalari out of sight Kerala, it is also considered the oldest fighting system, Jacqueline Fernandez truly wwants to take Kalari training. Because she will come as a competitor of Varun Dhawan, in director Rohit Dhawan’s new film, for the demand of film Jacqueline Fernandez will learn Kalari, she will commence to take training of kalari after the completion of “Brothers” movie shooting, in which she is being worked with Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez is absolutely a fit and smart woman and to look her in new style in film will be really surprising.

Jacqueline Fernandez will strive a lot to be a great athlete to do some challenging action scenes in film, and in coming days to take training of kalari Pyuta, she will try to keep her super fit. As well as she will also go to Thapurm Thruuann an Indian town to learn martial arts, according to reporter Jacqueline Fernandez will departure to Kerala in second week of April, in this period she will also visit arts schools in Kerala, and then will take some months training.