In the Japan experiment of wireless electricity delivered successfully.


It has been possible to move solar panels in contract with earth, at 36 thousand kilometers away panels will be installed in solar system.

TOKYO: Japanese scientist was done experiment of wireless electricity successfully. And also commenced work in its’ revolution of technology. Which will be finished the problem of electricity out of sight all over the world forever.

The scientists of the Japans’ organization “Aerospace Exploration Agency’s” eminent milestone by forging wireless electricity transmission which was transmitted at the distance of 1.8 kilometers and the experiment was gone successful. The electricity was transmitted out of sight one place to another place successfully without any wire.

It was remarked by a scientist that the real benefit of this technology is that in space solar energy will be move to the ground endlessly, by which plenty of electricity power will be separated hence earth.

For the completion of the project at 36 thousand kilometers away panels and antennas will be installed in solar system, which will transferred solar energy in contract with earth, now this technology is on starting stage, and it is expected that in 2040 its’ real shape will be in front.