Junior Malik will arive soon, Shoib Malik gave a good news.


KARACHI: Pakistan National Cricket Team Former Captain Shoib Malik gave good news to hid fans, consequently to news Sania Mirza was been No.1, player in double, then Shoib Malik congratulated her on twitter and said that he is her No. 1 fan, then she replied that thanks of one fan to another, we will meet as soon as possible, after it he gave answers of questions b followers, he voiced that he is really happy for being Sania Mirza No.1 player, because I know how intensively she is work hard, I congratulated her in contract with phone, when a question was raised out of sight him that ”When will junior Malik come” then he replied that ALLAH WELLING very soon, in regarding of his child he said it is very difficult to say what will be my child in future cricketer or tennis player, it might be happen that he/she will play both games, a question asked in case he will have baby then what will be her name? he replied we have not thought about it yet it can be Maraila or Raeem.

He further cleared that he will never impose Sania to play from Pakistan, he declared his favourite city to Hyderabad where is his laws accommodation, somebody asked a question that after marriage his performance was been bad and Sania’s was been better? Then Shoib Malik refused to accept it, he told that Sania mirza will come Pakistan after Eid, while I will soon go to Hyderabad to meet her, he stated that they sometime fought, which is started by Sania and I end it myself, on a questions, he answered that when we watch TV together then Sania always keeps remote, he revealed that he first loved in his childhood which was not Sania.