Kareena Kapoor warned Arjun Kapoor to stay out of sight her.


MUMBAI: Bollywood Gorgeous Actress Kareena Kapoor warned and said to Arjun Kapoor to be away from her.

In Bollywood no one can be live without praising of Kareena Kapoor so also Arjun Kapoor liked her a lot which he has also been expressed on his upcoming film set “Ki and Ka” while it was also verified by Kareena that Arjun Kapoor is crazy about her since her first film “Refugee” and at that time has been arrested in love of her.

However Actress told him about his husband and Actor Saif Ali Khan that he must save from Saif and also stay away from him too.

It was further said by Kareena Kapoor that Saif is also liked a lot to Arjun Kapoor and he understands it that his wife is liked in industry immense but I have noted comic style to Arjun Kapoor that he should not come close to her otherwise Saif can use pistol for him.

It is cleared that Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor first time will show their acting skills together.